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iPlanet Calendar Server 5.0 + Openldap 2.0.7

I want to use Openldap server for authentication and data storage of
iPlanet Calendar Server 5.0(iCS).
Currently, I am using openldap with cyrus-sasl-patched for authentication
of cyrus-imapd server.(uids and userPassword attributes). I dont want
another user password for calendar utility for each user; and another ldap
server within my domain.
I have tried to change 
local.authldaphost to Openldap server,
local.authldapbinddn to rootdn of openldap server

however iCS tries to bind itself as 

I see two way:
1-changing iCS`s behavior.
2-modifying openldap to behave as iPlanet directory Server 4.12

I have seen some ways for openldap 1.x with Netscape DS 3.5. however I
think, these are not applicable to openldap 2x.

could anybody show a way to me for my aim?

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