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referral bind to master

hi all

i have learned from the mailing lists that 
a referral from slave to master does bind to master
using anonymous bind .

1 ) any modification request to slave goes to the
2 ) all the search requests go to the salve and if
data is not found at slave a referral is chased and
via anonymous bind ,
and as the default access to the master is read  the
information requested by slave is returned from master
to the slave

now what i want to do is from slave a user should be
able to modify its userPassword attribute 
hwat is not happening is the modification at master
from slave and it will not be as it binds anonymously

but from slave how shall a user change its own
how are others doing it 

can it be configured at master or slave LDAP server.

any help will be greatful 

thanks in advance



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