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referral bind

hello all

can anyone let me know or point me to where i can know
about how do i make a referral bind to the master
server as a authenticated user .

i am using openldap-1.2.9-5
i have set up a master and two slave ldap servers
now when a client at server wants to modify an entry 
it should be done at master Ldap server that is 
the client for modification request is given a 
referral where modification operations can be done ie 
a referral to Master Ldap server the client then
performs the mmodification operation at the master and
the modifications are reflected onto all the slave
LDAP  servers.

but this is not hapenning i am getting insufficient
access when i do this 
what i have tried is  i had set an acl on master
saying the rootdn can modify the master 
but this is not working too 
the reason i figured out is referrals bind anonymously

but i dont want any anonymous binds on my master LDAP

then how do i make my client at slave ldap server
modify master ?..

please someone help 

in advace 


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