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Re: Migration to LDAP (veryyyyyy slooowwwww).

> > Is there some specific reason that keeps you from using LDIF input
> > files?
> No, but do you really believe that I will speed up the migration process
> using LDIF files and the ldapadd command ?
> I believe that the ldapadd command makes the same that makes my C load
> program: connects to the ldap server and then adds the users to the LDAP data
> base.

IMHO using LDIF format make your task much more easier and faster,
because you're only manipulating text.

But, the great advantage in you case, it would probably takes less time
by using 'slapadd' which also read LDIF data. (see [7.2] "Creating a
database off-line" on "OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator's Guide")