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referral problems


I use OpenLDAP 2.0.7 and I have some problems with a referrals.

I have two different LDAPservers ldap1 and ldap2.
architecture of directory tree in ldap2-server is following:

        O       base
        O       sub1-level
      /   \
     O     O    sub2-level (10 000 entries)
    / \   / \
   O   O O   O  sub3-level (two entries under every sub2-level entry)

I have referral in the ldap1-server, which points to sub1-level.
when I make ldapsearch, there is no difference between a search times,
if I use base:"dc=sub1, dc=base" or if make the search more specific and
use base:"dc=sub2, dc=sub1, dc=base".
if I make these searches straight to ldap2-server difference between 
times is significant.

somehow referral does not support more specific base definition??

and another problem. is it so, that every referral is followed, even that
search filter does not match to any attribute in the entry?

if there is above-mentioned architecture from base-level to sub2-level in
the ldap1-server
and there is referral in every entry in sub2-level. then there are
10 000 referrals, which point to the ldap2-server sub2-level entries.

is it possible to define search in this way, that only referral in the
entry, which 
match to search filter is followed?

Teemu Moilanen