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Re: Attribute not allowed when adding mail to person

Many Thanks for the info, folks. Will try out the suggestions.  :-)

Does anyone want to volunteer to fix the unhelpful error message I
mentioned? :-

ldap_add: Object class violation
         additional info: attribute not allowed.

All it needs is some (should be simple) coding in
servers/slapd/schema_check.c where instead of:

     *text="attribute not allowed"

you would have

     mystring=sprintf("Attribute %s, %s not allowed",e->e_dn,type);

(except that that isn't the right way to copy mystring into *text.  I
tried strcpy but it made slapd core dump when it got to it so I did
something wrong obviously.  Any takers?

While the missing info does come up in debug mode, that's a bit overkill
just to find out something the program could easily, and really ought
to, tell you.  Don't you think?

Best Regards,
Brian S. Craigie