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Re: International character encoding

If you intend to use non-IA5 (US-ASCII) characters, I strongly
recommend you use LDAPv3 and UTF-8 encoded ISO-10646-1.  I also
recommend you disable slapd's LDAPv2 support ("disallow bind_v2").


At 12:06 PM 2/12/01 +0100, Norbert Klasen wrote:
>Hi Björn,
>> When accessing our slapd address book from Netscape Communicator,
>> it expects characters above hex value 0x7f to be encoded 0xc3+0xa5
>> (for scandinavian aring, å).
>> I dont know much about ldap but I've looked through the code and
>> found this type of encoding in the source of openldap.
>> After dumping TCP packets on port 389 I found out that the slapd
>> server works with standard ISO8859-1 character set without any
>> encoding of scandinavian characters like åäöÅÄÖ (hope those came
>> out ok), while Netscape expects the encoding mentioned
>> above on both queries and seach results.
>> Now to my question: Could someone point out to me where in the
>> code I could add/enable such an encoding behaviour in the
>> input/output from slapd?
>> Or, is there some compiling/configuration option to enable this?
>Netscape expects the data to be in UTF-8 (the default for LDAPv3). The
>data in your LDAPv2 server is probably encoded in ISO8859-1. The easy
>way out is to configure Netscape so it will interpret the output from
>the LDAP server as Latin-1:
>user_pref("ldap_2.servers.example.csid", "iso-8859-1");
>see also
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