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International character encoding

When accessing our slapd address book from Netscape Communicator,
it expects characters above hex value 0x7f to be encoded 0xc3+0xa5
(for scandinavian aring, å).
I dont know much about ldap but I've looked through the code and
found this type of encoding in the source of openldap.

After dumping TCP packets on port 389 I found out that the slapd
server works with standard ISO8859-1 character set without any
encoding of scandinavian characters like åäöÅÄÖ (hope those came
out ok), while Netscape expects the encoding mentioned
above on both queries and seach results.

Now to my question: Could someone point out to me where in the
code I could add/enable such an encoding behaviour in the
input/output from slapd?
Or, is there some compiling/configuration option to enable this?

Many thanks in advance for any kind of help!

Björn Smith <smith@compound.se>