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can anyone let me know 
about what referral from a server takes to bind and search 
a reffered server .

what is the role of suffix with respect to referrals . or does suffix
affests the referral .
the suffix of slave server is dc=d,dc=c,dc=b,dc=com
and the suffix at master is dc=b,dc=com
that is the data that is not availablke under dc=d,dc=c,dc=b,dc=com
is available usnder dc=b,dc=com.
now from slave server with suffix dc=d,dc=c,dc=b,dc=com 
if a search is made which is under dc=b,dc=com,
then a refrral must be set to get the information from the master 

but  this is not working in my case pl. guide me if i am wrong .

any help will be greatful