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hi all

when a referral is chased what is the information thet it carries out with
it .

if a client slave is having the referral pointing to the master server 
and aquery is made and the local d/b is not having that information
then the request is sent to another server where data can be found .
and if the data by the server is having permission to be shown then the data
is send to requesting server . thus chasing referrals work.
my question is what is the data that a chasing referral carries with it 
to ask  a query to other ldap server
i mean teh authentication is i suupose anonymous .. an u make me clear...
and what is the role of suffix in both the servers does it affects ??

what i have is 

server a
which has got two subtrees 
b  and c
and i have replicated the contents of subtree B to a slave LDAP server 
and contents of c to the another slave server  when from server c i need the
information which is not in server c a referral is to be chased which
contacs mastrer server and gets information. master a having complete data.

if anyone can help..........

thanks in advance