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RE: Schema & ldif of NDS4.x importing to openldap


Could you pl. explain me the function of your script file and how to use it.
Basically , I want to export following three files (Netscape4.x)  to

1. slapd.user_at.conf (which contains user defined attributes)
2. slapd.user_oc.conf (which contains user defined object class)
3. *.ldif ( which has the DIT information ).

When I installed openlapd-2.0.7 , I could see only two slapd file i.e, slapd
and slapd_conf and a schema directory.

How do I export the above files to openldap?

Thanks in advance

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Saurabh Bhardwaj wrote:
> Hi
> Has anybody tried importing schema and ldif file of Netscape Directory
> Server 4.x to openldap 2.x ??
> Pl pass me the procedure/link to do so .

I just submitted ITS #1013. See if that helps.