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Re: Schema & ldif of NDS4.x importing to openldap

Saurabh Bhardwaj wrote:
> Hi
> Could you pl. explain me the function of your script file and how to use it.
> Basically , I want to export following three files (Netscape4.x)  to
> openldap
> 1. slapd.user_at.conf (which contains user defined attributes)
> 2. slapd.user_oc.conf (which contains user defined object class)
> 3. *.ldif ( which has the DIT information ).
> When I installed openlapd-2.0.7 , I could see only two slapd file i.e, slapd
> and slapd_conf and a schema directory.
> How do I export the above files to openldap?
> Thanks in advance
> -Saurabh

I suggest you make yourself a bit more comfortable with schemas first.
See <INSTALLDIR>/etc/openldap/schema there's a bunch of predefined schema files.
Depending on what attributes you need, you can include some of these files
in your slapd.conf. If you don't find what you need, use the script to
convert Netscape's. For 1. and 2., you can do
<script> slapd.user_at.conf > <INSTALLDIR>/etc/openldap/schema/my.attributes.schema
and then include <INSTALLDIR>/etc/openldap/schema/my.attributes.schema
in your slapd.conf.

But schema files must not contain common nor conflicting entries nor must they
contain objectclass entries that depend on non-defined attributes.
This is the case with some of Netscape's schemas. They rely on definitions
in Netscape's slapd.at.conf (the equivalent of OpenLDAP's core.schema).
You cannot convert this one, though. While it would provide you with the
missing definitions, it also conflicts with a lot of entries that are
already in core.schema (which you MUST include in your slapd.conf).
So you have to create your own schema file and just copy those definitions
from Netscape's slapd.at.conf that you need. OpenLDAP won't start otherwise.

Regarding 3., the script converts schemas, not LDIFs. That is easy, though.
You just need to delete all of the following attributes: creatorsName,
createTimestamp, modifiersName, modifyTimestamp, aci.
Make sure you re-enable ACLs by configuring the equivalent into slapd.conf.

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