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Re: About 1GB records - 1MB records

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 04:37:30PM +0100, Sylwester Lunski wrote:
> Yes, I'm testing new kernel now. But my problem is in numbers
> of records. I would to see example of tree for millions
> of records.. If anyone can tell me about it ? For example:
> o=Company.com
> ou=Users,o=Company.com
> ou=U0,ou=Users,o=Company.com
> ou=U1,ou=Users,o=Company.com  - refferal to another server
> ou=U2,ou=Users,o=Company.com  - refferal to another server
> ...
> But what about time for return answer for queries ?
> Applications would be ask first host1, if user is in U0, then
> ok, but if no, then whould ask rest of database servers..
> Or mayby I need to build database with location of user data
> and ask it first ?

One solution to this is to use a referral server. There are a
few implementations but none that are easily available AFAIK.
The idea is to generate a indexed database that can look at the
search filter and figure which servers might contain the object
and give referrals to those. Have a look at Common Indexing
Protocol, RFC 2651.

> And is OpenLDAP 1.2.11 enought stable for a big overload ?
> Can I use refferals in 1.2.11 version ? What about stability
> 2.0.7 version ?

2.0.7 seems to be reasonably stable (some claims it's more stable
than 1.2.11). 1.2.11 can only give referrals and not search
references which is what you want if you want some results from
one server but at the same time be refered to others.

In my opinion you should try 2.0.7.