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Re: About 1GB records - 1MB records

Yes, I'm testing new kernel now. But my problem is in numbers
of records. I would to see example of tree for millions
of records.. If anyone can tell me about it ? For example:
ou=U1,ou=Users,o=Company.com  - refferal to another server
ou=U2,ou=Users,o=Company.com  - refferal to another server

But what about time for return answer for queries ?
Applications would be ask first host1, if user is in U0, then
ok, but if no, then whould ask rest of database servers..
Or mayby I need to build database with location of user data
and ask it first ?

And is OpenLDAP 1.2.11 enought stable for a big overload ?
Can I use refferals in 1.2.11 version ? What about stability
2.0.7 version ?

Sorry for my terrible English..

Waiting for help
				Sylwester Lunski

PS. In slapd.conf  are "modulepath..." entries , but in man
slapd.conf no one word about it.. If it is like plugins
in Netscape Directory Server ?

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On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Stig Venås wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 06:22:06PM +0100, Sylwester Lunski wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I make mistake amounts, becouse I have problem with 2GB id2entry on
> > Linux.. But numbers of records is above 1 million. Can use one database
> > for such big numbers of records is sensible ? How to divide it to some
> > backends (sufixess) and use refferal to them ? Pleas help.
> I haven't tested it, but using 2.4.x kernel and glibc 2.2.x you get
> large file support, so there may be a way out.
> Stig