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Users from /etc/passwd, passwords from LDAP?

I wonder if it is possible to have the setup that I desire.  I have some
Linux and Solaris machines, nss_ldap from padl.com, and OpenLDAP 2.0.  I
wish to have all of my user information in the LDAP directory, which I
have already done.  I also want my users to be authenticated against the
userPassword in LDAP, which I have also already done.

The part that I find tricky is that I don't want every user in LDAP to be
able to login to every machine.  Let's say I have 500 users, and only 10
of them should be logging in to a particular box.  But I still want the
usernames, passwords, and groups coming from LDAP.

I would love to hear about an example of someone having already done this.

Jeffrey Baker