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Re: Referrals

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001 malyprogservices@flashmail.com wrote:

> Hi, I was wondering how to write a referral entry. I want to have a list
> of entries under "c=US,ou=Engineering,ou=People,dc=mvista,dc=com", as
> well as under "ou=Engineering,ou=People,c=US,dc=mvista,dc=com". I want a
> referral of the second dn to point to the first one. I think the
> refferal entry is something like:

AFAIK the X.500 specs wil not allow to use the Country to be use but on
the root root level. LDAP may accept it now but I would recommend NOT to
use it.

I know for sure you may not use it in this fashion with NDS.

I would suggect you use OU for this level instead of C.


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