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Hi, I was wondering how to write a referral entry. I want to have a list
of entries under "c=US,ou=Engineering,ou=People,dc=mvista,dc=com", as
well as under "ou=Engineering,ou=People,c=US,dc=mvista,dc=com". I want a
referral of the second dn to point to the first one. I think the
refferal entry is something like:


If that format is wrong, please say so. Now, if I wanted to refer to the
current host for the referral, how would I do that?
ldap://localhost/<dn> doesn't work. I want to somehow refer to the local
ldap server, (even though the client is somewhere else) because I have
multiple servers and I don't want the referrals to all point to the
master server (as is the case if I put a hostname in the URL). Any

Tomas Maly
"IT Freak"
MontaVista Software
(408) 328-8429