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Re: Can't restirct display of attributes using ldaptemplate.conf

ldapsearch(1) does not use templates.  It provides all results
returned in response to the search request.  If you want only
specific attributes, only request those specific attributes.


At 04:16 PM 1/23/01 +0000, Dr. Ian C. Smith wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm trying to restrict those attributes which are displayed when doing an ldapsearch. It thought this could be achieved by editing etc/openldap/ldaptemplates.conf so I've commented out those lines with the telephoneNumber attribute. Hwr when I do a:
>$ ldapsearch -b "..stuff..."  '(sn=something)'
>I still see the telephoneNumber attribute - any ideas why. (I've restarted the server before doing the search). I'm using openldap 2.0.7 under solaris 2.6.
>thanks in advance,
>Ian C. Smith,
>e-mail: i.c.smith@liverpool.ac.uk
>Address: Computer Sevices Department,
>        Brownlow Hill Building - room G11,
>        The University of Liverpool,
>        Liverpool L69 3BX.