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Problem with 2.0.7: cpu usage


i'm using 2.0.7 with qmail-ldap. The ldap server contains around 270k
We are getting 1 query/sec avg, but we have peek's of 30 or more per sec.

Performance is ok, and everything works like a charm most of the time,
but from time to time, slapd start's to eat all the CPU, and stop's
anwsering queries. Load's shoot up to 32 (strangly, is always the same
load avg...)

Another thing that happens ist that I start loosing entries, but I
suppose that's because I have no other choice than to killall -9 slapd
and restart it...

Is there a "debug guide", hints on where to look for what's going on?

Best regards,
Pedro Melo Cunha - <melo@isp.novis.pt>
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