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RE: Referral chasing

At 04:41 PM 1/19/01 -0500, Mike Schiraldi wrote:
>> Again, looking at the TCP dump, the queries are identical once
>> ldap.thecobblershoppe.com is reached, and it always is reached.
>> So it looks like one level of referrals is handled properly, but two
>> levels is not.
>Turns out free() is being called twice on the same pointer. I'll file a
>bug report.

Can you test against HEAD or OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2.  Both include
a number of changes to referral handling.

Also, can you check your TCP dumps for mangled URLs in LDAPv3
search references.  When I was testing against your servers,
I occasionally got (one out of ten requests) URLs containing
garbage trailing octets (1-6).

I also had problems in that your server returned references
even with ManageDSAit was provided (as a critical control).
Hence, I could not inspect the actual referral object.