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RE: Referral chasing

Howard Chu <hyc@highlandsun.com> said:

> In my older OpenLDAP 2.0 base, the second search gives me a
> segmentation fault somewhere in print_entry. Looks like the entry is
> received with no problem, but something else is going wrong. I'll have
> to update my source to the current revision to see what other problems
> there might be.

Turns out things are even stranger. I simplified things a bit in my
original post.. ldap.research.netsol.com actually refers to
nsiregistrar-ldap.research.netsol.com, which refers to

As i said, if you start at ldap.thecobblershoppe.com, it works. But if
you start at nsiregistrar-ldap.research.netsol.com, it STILL works. And as
i said, if you start at ldap.research.netsol.com, it doesn't work. 

Again, looking at the TCP dump, the queries are identical once
ldap.thecobblershoppe.com is reached, and it always is reached.

So it looks like one level of referrals is handled properly, but two
levels is not.

Do you have similar results with your older branch?