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RE: backup (was: slapcat cannot open database - why?) (fwd)

On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Henrik Lassen wrote:

> Is there a possibility to dump the database in terms of a *.ldif file?

ldapsearch -h <hostname> -b<base> -D <rootdn> -W 'objectclass=*' > backup.ldif

will dump all your entries in the file.

Note that you can't just do 

ldapadd .... < backup.ldif to restore your directory since the entries or
not in the hierachical order but in the find order.

A perl script could do (if your file is not to huge).

Hope it helped.

BTW, the gq client permits you to get a ldif dump of your directory that
is proper for repopulate it.


> Rgds,
> Henrik
> At 11:39 AM 1/18/01 +0100, Henrik Lassen wrote:
> >So my new question is: how do you backup the data of your LDAP servers?
> Shutdown slapd, copy database files, restart slapd.
> OpenLDAP does not support live backups.