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While examining an interface between LDAP and the programming environment
Mozart/Oz a problem was encountered when running the following function call

ldap_init --> LDAP_SUCCESS
ldap_bind --> LDAP_SUCCESS
ldap_add_s --> LDAP_SERVER_DOWN
ldap_unbind --> LDAP_SUCCESS

However, the ldap_add_s operation succeeded on the LDAP server (1.2.11,

After carefully checking all function parameters to ldap_add_s the only
workaround that gave reasonable results was to run the asynchronous version
ldap_add and repeat the ldap_result function in a loop as long as the
LDAP_SERVER_DOWN return code disappeared. This happend after about 20..25
msec on a 700 MHz Linux system.

Since I couldn't find any relevant information in the archive so far, any
information on the behaviour described above would be really appreciated.


Eckhard Kantz
mailto: Eckhard.Kantz@gmx.de / homepage: http://wegalink.net
Germany, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Schwalbenstraße 32
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