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At 10:00 AM 1/18/01 -0700, Brent Dunlock wrote:
>>>result... but it seems to ignore the "userPassword: {SASL}usename" entry:

BTW, I assumed you configured OpenLDAP with --enable-spasswd...

>anyway I tried the "{KERBEROS}principal" scheme but could not get it to work. 
>Is that for Kerberos V4 only?  I can only use V5. 

Should work with both V4 and V5 if you enabled it with

>So, if the Kerberos 5 check "would be trivial to add", who would have to add it?  The Cyrus people, Openldap people or both?

I was referring to Cyrus SASL code, which is maintained by folks
at CMU.  Of course, I would suggest that if you want this that you
(or someone in your employ) develop the changes in cooperation with
the maintainer.

>Who do I have to convince that this would REALLY be a worthwhile thing to do?