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ldap connect to active Dir-Service on Exchange 2000 server

What do I need to setup for establishing a connection to an exchange
2000 server with active directory support using ldap ?

The active dir-service is already running on the win2k server, but i
need to how i should configure a linux server using ldap and php to
access and manage the entries on the exchange machine via a website
running on that linux server (using apache).

What is the best free ldap linux/apache module available, if I need to
configure the apache with

- mysql
- php4
- openssl
- modperl
- any ldap-module


Any help would be just great.

Right now I do have serious trubble configuring the apache to run with
openldap, mke-command gives me errors all the time.

Please tell me a config, which would be the best in this case....