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Re: search filter

"Trapp, Michael" wrote:

> hi,
> i've got a problem with openldap-2.0.6
> ldapsearch -D ... -b ... '(&(uid=d*)(&(name=m*)(firstname=k*)))'
> returns entries with names starting with any character, not rstricted to m*
> looks like a search without the '(name=m*)' part.
> if the search-filter is extended to name=me* only the expected entries are
> found ...
> are there any restrictions in the search filter implementation?

No. The point is that `name' is the base attribute for a number of common
attributes: cn, commonName, sn, surname, c, countryName, o, organizationName,
and so on (see schema/core.schema), and the filter `(name=m*)' matches
all such attributes that start with `m'.

Take care ...

Pierangelo Masarati.

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