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Re: cache_add_entry_lock failed

Sounds like your nextid is hosed.  I would suggest that you
rebuild your database using slapcat ; rm -f dbfiles ; slapadd.

At 03:04 PM 1/15/01 +0100, Trapp, Michael wrote:
>i'm running openldap-2.0.6 on solaris-2.7 with berkeley-3.1.17
>unfortunately i get the following error 
>        ====> cache_add_entry( 4348 ): "cn=...": already in id cache
>        cache_add_entry_lock failed
>the only regularity i can see, is that the id is always incremented.
>there shouldn't be an error in the entries, because sometimes they are added
>correctly in a following connection (dn, obj and attr unchanged).
>any ideas ?