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Re: passwd.c and crypt

At 10:34 AM 1/15/01 +0100, Alexandre Ghisoli wrote:
>Like somes *BSD, Linux glibc can use an evolution of std unix crypt().
>Theses functions accepts an longer salt, adn if the salt start with $1$,
>this activate an MD5 hash (not the usual one).
>For autentification, I need to reuse password stored in this form.
>But, openssl crypto.a lib offer another crypt() that doesnt understand $1$.
>So, I've modified libs order in slapd to resolve this issue.
>Threre is an update for this ?

One likely should update OpenSSL not to provide crypt(3) when
it's available otherwise.

I note that one must be very careful reordering libraries...