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Re: Performance Tuning

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We are using the latest stable version of OpenLDAP that is release 2.0.7, stable 1.2.11.  We are running it on Linux, RedHat 6.2.  

 The result is very similar for config with index and without index.  There are only 58 entries to be queried, modified, deleted and created, each entry has approximately 10-15 attributes.  The index is on DN, and two more attribute which is only exist on 6 entries.  

The thing I don't understand is that, the number of entries remains constant, why there are such a drastic change in performance?  Is there a way to clean up the index during runtime?  Will change to other backend database help?

B.T.W.  If I understand correctly,  we can only run OpenLDAP as a  single thread process on Linux due to Linux thread is preemptive?   



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> Wow, that seems very slow.....
> Basic stuff first: What version of OpenLDAP?  Are you using indexes? How
> many entries?
> If it's a lot of entries (that you are creating, deleting, etc; you didn't
> say how many), then your queries would definitely take longer and longer if
> there were no index.
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> Hi,
> We are doing some performance testing on our server which is connected to an
> openldap slapd.  In the testing program, we do the following operations for
> 100 times: query the ldap server, modify entries, delete the entries, and
> create them again.
> The result is not very promising.  The query time is increased from 0.223
> second to 3.038 second.  It will reduce to somewhere close to 0.223 if I
> delete the old database directory and add in the data again using ldif add.
> Is there anything we can do about it other than clean the database manually?
> Thanks in advance!
> Lingjia
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