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Re: hello all

why don't you build your openldap "--with-tls" to enable the ldap daemon
itself talking over SSL?

a few experiments i did using stunnel (i tried it once for imap) were all
horrible. i would not use stunnel unless absolutely necessary. it induces
too many unknowns and breakages.


on 1/9/01 23:22, Craig Hancock at chancock@bsd.uchicago.edu wrote:

> I have a openldap setup where well machines are authenticating via ldap off of
> stunnel. In the logs
> on the
> client I see
> Jan  9 09:53:07 hathor stunnel[2569]: ldap has too many clients - connection
> from
> Is that a problem with ldap or stunnel because I am at a loss
> Craig Hancock