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Converting userPassword Types?


I'm VERY new to ldap ... I've managed to get my Apache 1.3.12 (RH 6.2)
webservers authenticating with multiple ldap servers (auth_ldap-1.4.0-2 &
openldap-1.2.9-5, both of which came with RH 6.2).

Here's the question:

Okay, I used an old password file from a Netscape server, that had CRYPT
encryption on the passwords, and munged them into a .ldif file like so:


dn: cn=joe, dc=macmullan, dc=org
objectclass: person
uid: joe
userPassword: {crypt}asdkdSDLKFHdkd

This works just fine (even on a remote system!  Woohoo!) ... but I'd like
to know if there's a way to convert these crypt passwords to SHA or MD5
for better transportability.

Any ideas?