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openldap 2.0.7 is incredibly slow

Hi everyone,

I recenetly tried to move the openldap database from my test machine to
the produciton machine for a project I'm working on. On my machine,
(PIII-500) make test finishes reasonably quickly (say a couple of
minutes). However, I've now built openldap 2.0.7 on the production
machine and running make test takes several hours to complete. What's
wrong? Several hours for a few little queries like that isn't fast
enough for a production system.

FYI, my machine is a pentium III-500, 64 MB ram, running mandrake 7.2.
the production machine is a Pentium III-800 with 256 MB ram running
redhat 6.2

I'm using the same version of the berkeley ldbm back-end on both (rpms
for my machine, built from source for the prod. machine). Same version
of ssl (from the same rpms' on both machines) and the same version of
cyrus-sasl on both machines (built from source on both machines)

Apart from that everything on both machines is a pretty standard stock
install of either distribution.

oh, I also tried taking the compiled sources from my mandrake box and
putting it on the production mahcine and running make test. It took

I'm guessing this a library issue and ldap is getting stuck trying to
establish connections or something, because CPU utilisation is way down.
The machine isn't doing any work at all.

Has anyone run into this before?

any ideas about how to solve it?