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adding additional info


I'm new to this list and am just beginning to use openldap.  Basically, I
want to centralize all information in an ldap database including things like
MAC addresses (for my ISC DHCP), node id, modem id, password (for e-mailing,
file transfers, uploading of webpages), etc.  I have read the SLAPD and
SLURPD Administrator's Guide and the QuickStart Guide and followed the
examples there and now have openldap running.

Problem: I can only add information based on those examples and the strings
defined in RFC 1779 such as cn, sn, etc.  I don't have any idea how to add
additional info such as the one I mentioned above (macs, passwords, etc.).
There is simply no "tag" (pardon the term) for it either in the RFC or the
guides.  Can anyone point me over to a doc/howto that details these "tags"
(preferrably an online or downloadable doc)?


M. Yu