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Re: Some questions

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote :
> In the X.500 model, an object entry has a single structural
> object class which is determined by examining the inheritance
> of structural object classes list in the entry's structural
> objectclass attribute to find the class which is deepest in
> the super class chain.  That is, if 'person', 'organizationalPerson',
> and 'inetOrgPerson' are provided by the user as objectClass
> values, the object is structurally an inetOrgPerson object.

Thank you for the answer!

I have another questions about multi-valued attributes like the
attribute "objectClass":
- Is the order of the values of an attribute is garanteed to be always
the same when retreiving an attribute through query?
- Is the order of the values of attributes like "objectClass", "ou" is