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Re: Some questions

At 11:15 AM 1/3/01 +0100, Stephane Boisson wrote:
>> >2. What is the significance of the attributetype 'objectClass' ??
>> > If I am defining a new objectclass then can I include 'objectClass'
>> > with MUST clause and if so what would it mean ??
>> In general, no.  Structural object classes pick up a MUST
>> from 'top' (all structural objects inherit from 'top') and
>> since every object is structurally some class, all objects
>> must have an objectClass attribute.
>Is an entry allowed to have several "structural" objectclass?

In the X.500 model, an object entry has a single structural
object class which is determined by examining the inheritance
of structural object classes list in the entry's structural
objectclass attribute to find the class which is deepest in
the super class chain.  That is, if 'person', 'organizationalPerson',
and 'inetOrgPerson' are provided by the user as objectClass
values, the object is structurally an inetOrgPerson object.

Some servers, including OpenLDAP 2.0, do not enforce structural
object class restrictions.  However, this should not be taken
as a license to abuse the restriction.   Eventually you run
into a server (such as a future version of OpenLDAP) which does
enforce these restrictions.