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Some questions


I have some queries

1. When we define an objectclass as per the RFC2252 we must specify
   whether it is ABSTRACT / STRUCTURAL/ AUXILLARY. My question is 
   what is the significance of these 'keywords' with respect to the
   object class definition ??

2. What is the significance of the attributetype 'objectClass' ?? If
   I am defining a new objectclass then can I include 'objectClass'
   with MUST clause and if so what would it mean ??

3. Is OpenLDAP thread-safe ?? That is, can I develop a multithreaded
   program calling LDAP APIs without having to create and acquire
   locks unless, it is absolutely essential. I am asking this because
   there is a question in the FAQ-O-MATIC which says that OpenLDAP
   1.x is designed for non-preemptive multi-threaded environments 
   ( eg. POSIX threads ). Is it true of version 2.x ?? In fact there
   is an explicit mention that 'it is not safe for pre-emptive threads
   environment' ??