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Re: login authentication stuff

Hugo.van.der.Kooij@caiw.nl wrote:
> > The user does indeed exist and I can check it's existence.
> But have you set a ldappassword for this user? (A sample can be found near
> the end on
> http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~hvdkooij/Netscape_and_OpenLDAP_v2/database.html)

I hadn't. Thanks for that. I had assumed that the padl migration scripts
would take care of this for me. Ok, so does this mean that the hashing
algorithm used by ldappasswd is different from the one used by
/etc/shadow? Is there a way I can make them the same (I saw something
about a password type option in slapd.conf somewhere). Also, if I can't
just migrate my users directly from a shadow file, is there a way I can
generate this password hash, say from perl? The reason is that our
client has given us an excel spreadsheet of users which I intend to
convert to comma-delimited or something and then parse with a perl
script to produce an ldif file to add all these users.

Now, is there a reason taht after I've set this up I can't pam_ldap? I'm
getting this in the log file:

Jan  3 13:33:49 beast ftpd[11015]: pam_ldap: error trying to bind as
user "uid=james,ou=People,o=Beast,c=AU" (Invalid credentials)

I'm typing in the right password. Why can't I do that, when I can do
ldapsearch binding as the same user?

Thanks for your help.


> Hugo.
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