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Building openLdap2.0.7


[I'm not sure if it is appropriate to ask CYRUS SASL installation
question in openLdap mailing list but since openLdap 2xx with SASL
support requires these libraries I hope the question can help many other
installations of openldap. I appologize if I'm mistaken.

I also failed to find any FAQ concerning CYRUS.]

Ok...on to the problem.

When attempting to install a new openLdap server (slapd) with SSL and
kerberos support I have installed openSSL and PERL e.t.c. and then tried
to install CYRUS SASL on NT4 (SP6). Following the install instructions I
tried to batch build the project but got some errors:

1. DEV_RANDOM is undefined in lib\saslutil.c. The random number
generator is not crushial so I added #ifdef round this. But its strange
since CYRUS have tested the package on WIN32, so what have I missed?

2. krbv4w32.lib is missing in saslDIGESTMD5 project (and other
projects). From what project is this static library generated?

Greatful for any response.