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Re: Newbie question

I am also fairly new to this but I suggest that you go on the 
following lines :

1. Be clear about the kind of information that you wish to store
   in the Directory Information Tree.

2. Get acquainted with the LDAP terminology especially how to
   build the slapd.conf file - its various components, the
   various configuaration parameters etc., The schema files 
   where U would define the object classes apart from the ones
   which are provided by the system.

3. If U do man of ldap, slapd.conf, U would get the above information

4. Then finally there are commands like ldapadd, ldapsearch and 
   many more such commands for which there are man pages.

vivek wrote:
> Hello all,
>         I've installed OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on my RH-6.2. I want to develop some
> applications using this software. And I'm a newbie to this. So, what
> should be my next step in order to master? Can n1 help me in this regard?
>         Any help in this direction is greatly appreciated. Thanx in
> advance.
> with regards,
> vivek(GDIT - IIIyr)