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OpenLDAP 2.x on Solaris 2.6

This is a general query to find out if anyone has OpenLDAP 2.x running on a Solaris system.

I'm having a problem where the package compiles on Solaris, but upon starting slapd, I get a syntax error with an unexpected "(" on line 1. It doesn't specify what file. I suspect that if there were a syntax error in the actual code, it would not have compiled. I am then left with the assumption that something is being interpreted or read. I did a truss -aei ./slapd to try and see what it was opening. I see it reading ./slapd, scanning through the path (stat64()), then it attempts to read nlslib/C/SUNW_OST_OSCMD.cat which isn't there. It attempts to read /usr/lib/locale/C/LC_MESSAGES/SUNW_OST_OSCMD.mo which is also not there. At that point it dumps out and prints out ./slapd : syntax error error at line 1 : unexpected '('.

Is there someone familiar enough with slapd to know what this might be referencing? When slapd starts, are there any other files that it reads other than the slapd.conf and the schema files? I suppose I'm not entirely clear which of the schema files it uses, either.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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