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ACL Problem

i hvae following acl.
defaultaccess    none
access to attr=userPassword
    by self write
    by dn="uid=manager + realm=ldap.domain.com" #same as rootdn
    by anonymous auth
    by * none
access to *
    by self write
    by dn="(.*)? + realm=ldap.domain.com"
    by * none
following search returns:
ldapsearch -b "dc=domain,dc=com" -s base objectclass=* -Y PLAIN -I
with rootdn:
different entries specifing the example company which i entered.
with any other user:
nothing. in debugmodus i can see on the serverside, that the search was successful, but after that comes "ldbm_search: candidate X does not match filter".
so i think my ACL is wrong. hopefully anyone can help me, please.
i'm not familiar with regular expressions.
thanks in advance.