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Re: question about authentication

Hi Manfred 
> hello to everyone!
> i'm trying to set up openldap (newbie) with sasl (plain, gssapi) now for
> about one week, but now i have ran into a simple problem, i think, but i
> couldn't find an answer. so i have two questions for you, which i hope you
> can answer for me.
> 1. i created a rootdn "uid=manfred,dc=domain,dc=com". i also set up sasl to
> check user and password in /etc/shadow (later i will move to kerberos),
> which works. now, when i try to add something to the database with:
> ldapadd -f /etc/openldap/ldif/companystructure.ldif -D
> "uid=manfred,dc=domain,dc=com" -Y PLAIN
> i get prompted to insert my password, so i enter the password for the user
> manfred, who has an account on my linuxbox.
> the resulting error is:
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Invalid credentials
> so i also tried the following:
> ldapadd -f /etc/openldap/ldif/companystructure.ldif -D
> "uid=manfred,dc=domain,dc=com" -Y PLAIN -U manfred
> after typing in my password, i get following error:
> ldap_add: Insufficent access

Run slapd with "-d 1" and look for a line that starts with 
<== slap_sasl_bind: authzdn: 
This is the authorization dn established by sasl. It probably won't
match your rootdn. Change your ACLs accourdingly.

> 2. this problem should be a little bit simplier.
> is it possible to tell SASL, which authentication method to use for default.
> i always need to specify "-Y PLAIN", to use the plain mechanism, otherwise
> SASL always wants to use GSSAPI.
> is there an option in any configuration file to get this to work.
> i can restrict the mechanisms to GSSAPI only, with the "sasl-secoprops" in
> "slapd.conf".

The hard way to do this would be to remove the GSSAPI plungin from the
sasl directory.

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