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Re: question about authentication

hello again!

thanks for your help, this was the information which i needed and now it

maybe you can answer me a second littel question.

i wanna setup cyrus-imap and cyrus-acap server. i wanna authenticate the
users against ldap, which uses sasl....
most users (we are a group of 6 freelancers) use windows and outlook/outlook
express as mail-clients (i prefer linux, of course).

my question is now:
authentication against shadow should now be no problem (thanks for your
tip), but how does kerberos work? is it possible to authenticate with use of
kerberos from windows and outlook / outlook express (i haven't done anything
with kerberos until now :-) )?
if yes, what do i need to set this up (short description should be enough,
because i don't wnat to bother you)?

thanks again for any help.