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Unique identifiers in the distinguished name

I am setting up a directory server for Linfield College, but I'm having a real problem coming up with a reasonable scheme for the DN. Something like "uid=johndoe, ou=People, o=linfield.edu" makes the most sense, but not everybody has an computer/email account and so that identifier is not universal. Every (faculty, staff, students) has a unique identifier in the college's main administrative database, but since that number is used for identification in a number of different contexts, it's considered confidential, and am I not right in assuming that read accees to the DN itself needs to be unrestricted for searches and record retrievals to work.

I can think of a number of different schemes to come up with a unique identifier in which I have varying degrees of confidence. But I'm also sure that I'm not the only one to ever have to deal with this kind of a problem, and I'm interested in hearing what others have done in this kind of a situation.


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