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Dear Sirs,
    Could you explain me if the following is possible.
I've trying to setup LDAP authentication. I'm testing with squid, but I
intend it use LDAP authentication with cyrus IMAP. When I migrated all
passwd users to LDAP
(dn looks like "uid=myname, ou=People, o=MyCompany, c=RU") everything
worked, but I want to "enhance" my LDAP tree structure. I want to organize
all users into groups (organizationUnit).
First group: "uid=myname, ou=FirstDpt, ou=People, o=MyCompany, c=RU"
Second group: "uid=myname, ou=SecondDpt, ou=People, o=MyCompany, c=RU"
And so on.
When I move my account from "ou=People,..." to "ou=FirstDpt, ou=People,..."
authentication doesn't work!
If I change SEARCH_BASE in squid_ldap_auth.c to "ou=FirstDpt, ou=People,
o=MyCompany, c=RU", authentication works again, but it never authenticate
somebody it SecondDpt!

How can I setup LDAP, that authentication search would look into all my

Best regards,
Michael Kondrashin