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More on Redhat coredump

I am getting a consistent segmentation violation/coredump on RedHat using
OpenLDAP 2.0.7.   The stack trace follows.  The params that are passed to
memmove are obviously garbage.....  Any ideas on the possible causes?  This
seems to happen under load; I'm thinking perhaps some memory allocation
might be failing?   TIA, Steve

#0 0x40110fe5 in memmove (dest=0x40500008, src=0x404027a8, len=67121160)
at ../sysdeps/generic/memmove.c:98
98 ../sysdeps/generic/memmove.c: No such file or directory.
(gdb) where
#0 0x40110fe5 in memmove (dest=0x40500008, src=0x404027a8, len=67121160)
at ../sysdeps/generic/memmove.c:98
#1 0x80770c1 in idl_dup (idl=0x404027a8) at idl.c:831
#2 0x8075ef4 in idl_fetch_one (be=0x80b4140, db=0x80c8c2c, key={
data = 0x80be340, size = 4, ulen = 0, dlen = 0, doff = 0, flags = 0})
at idl.c:110
#3 0x80763d2 in idl_insert_key (be=0x80b4140, db=0x80c8c2c, key={
data = 0x80be340, size = 4, ulen = 0, dlen = 0, doff = 0, flags = 0},
id=130) at idl.c:356
#4 0x8077e0b in key_change (be=0x80b4140, db=0x80c8c2c, k=0xbcbffbc4,
op=1) at key.c:67
#5 0x807786e in indexer (be=0x80b4140, dbname=0x80be340 "mail",
atname=0x80be340 "mail", vals=0x4040d3d0, id=130, op=1, mask=6)
at index.c:167
#6 0x8077a96 in index_at_values (be=0x80b4140, type=0x80be608, lang=0x0,
vals=0x4040d3d0, id=130, op=1, dbnamep=0xbcbffc40, maskp=0xbcbffc44)
at index.c:254
#7 0x8077b79 in index_values (be=0x80b4140, desc=0x4040d3f0,
id=130, op=1) at index.c:304
#8 0x8077c01 in index_entry (be=0x80b4140, op=1, e=0x81789a0, ap=0x4040d338)
at index.c:329
#9 0x806c8f4 in ldbm_modify_internal (be=0x80b4140, conn=0x401b6ef0,
op=0x8265258, dn=0x40405068 "UID=TUSER12,OU=PEOPLE,O=AMS,DC=CTB,DC=COM",
modlist=0x40401f20, e=0x81789a0, text=0xbcbffce0) at modify.c:161
#10 0x806cb0e in ldbm_back_modify (be=0x80b4140, conn=0x401b6ef0,
op=0x8265258, dn=0x40405008 "uid=tuser12,ou=People,o=ams,dc=ctb,dc=com",
modlist=0x40401f20) at modify.c:232
#11 0x8059997 in do_modify (conn=0x401b6ef0, op=0x8265258) at modify.c:245
#12 0x804e7c9 in connection_operation (arg_v=0x81f73d8) at connection.c:806
#13 0x807e8d4 in ldap_int_thread_pool_wrapper (pool=0x80acb58) at
#14 0x400a3b85 in pthread_start_thread (arg=0xbcbffe40) at manager.c:241
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