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Re: cn=monitor && CS&T calendar

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Justin Banks wrote:

>         In an effort to migrate away from Suitespot, I grabbed 2.0.7
> and built it. I got all the data in right, modified what schema
> definitions I had to (on the netscape side, transmogrifying the
> definitions, mostly), and created another calendar instance to
> test. Of course, it turns out that the calendar server wants to look
> at some things before it will talk to an LDAP server, so it tries to
> grab cn=Monitor at startup. Of course, in include/ldap_defaults.h,

I didn't run into that problem. It "just worked," after I spent a couple
hours figuring out v3 schemas. Outline

What version of Calendar are you using? I have 5.1 on Linux.

> am I on my own here? Or, maybe I should take the easy route and move
> back to 1.2.5 or so (thereby wasting all my attribute definition
> effort), although I hate to move backwards.

Newer versions of CS&T (now Steltor) require LDAPv3, so you can't move
Rich Graves <rcgraves@brandeis.edu>
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