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cn=monitor && CS&T calendar

Hello -
        In an effort to migrate away from Suitespot, I grabbed 2.0.7
and built it. I got all the data in right, modified what schema
definitions I had to (on the netscape side, transmogrifying the
definitions, mostly), and created another calendar instance to
test. Of course, it turns out that the calendar server wants to look
at some things before it will talk to an LDAP server, so it tries to
grab cn=Monitor at startup. Of course, in include/ldap_defaults.h,
SLAPD_MONITOR_DN (and SLAPD_CONFIG_DN, for that matter), are #ifdef'd
out with a '#if 0'. I commented this out, and then noticed that the
attr_merge usage in servers/slapd/monitor.c was antiquated with
respect to that in the rest of this version. I've updated this (via
#ifdef UGLY_NSCAL_HACK), changed the Version string, and now I just
need to add OIDs for things like ldapserverconfigdn, backendmonitordn,
opsinitiated, and the like. Are there accepted numbers for these, or
am I on my own here? Or, maybe I should take the easy route and move
back to 1.2.5 or so (thereby wasting all my attribute definition
effort), although I hate to move backwards.

Thanks much in advance for any help/advice/pointers,


Justin Banks - WAM!NET Inc., Eagan MN justinb@wamnet.com
"Then anyone who leaves behind him a written manual, and likewise anyone
who receives it, in the belief that such writing will be clear and
certain, must be exceedingly simple-minded..." -- Plato, _Phaedrus_