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unexpected "ldap_add: No such object"

Hi all,

I'm working on project including tranforming bookmarks into LDAP directory.
When I try to input data into slapd by ldapadd I', getting a bit unexpected
ldap_add: No such object.
In generated ldif I'd like to get into OpanLDAP are these entries :


dn: Folder=LDAP,dc=runner,dc=ascs,dc=muni,dc=cz
objectclass: top
objectclass: Folder

dn: UriEntry=The Castor Project,Folder=LDAP,dc=runner,dc=ascs,dc=muni,dc=cz
objectclass: top
objectclass: UriEntry
labeledURI: http://castor.exolab.org/ The Castor Project


In the moment the second entry should be inserted I get this:
adding new entry UriEntry=The Castor
ldap_add: No such object

I don't understand it a bit because entry with dn:
seems to exist(at least I see it in GQ).

Classes UriEntry and Folder are from my schema, I can send it if somebody

Somebody helps me ? I'm starting to be a bit desperate. 

Thanks for replies

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