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Re: ldap_mod_add() (creating attributes)

Hans Zauner wrote:

> Thank you for the reply, however I get the same
> problem.  I might be misunderstanding something
> fundemental, though.
> I need to deal with a form that outputs fields, lets
> say "firstname" and "lastname".  In PHP, I get an
> array, HTTP_POST_VARS, which has elements "firstname"
> and "lastname".  I want to be able to, if possible,
> simply do something like this:
> ldap_add($ldap, $dn, $HTTP_POST_VARS);

This wouldn't work. $HTTP_POST_VARS is an array.
> When I do this, however, I get the "Undefined
> attribute type" error, which I presume, is because
> slapd is looking for elements named "cn" and "sn".  

And that's probably another reason it wouldn't work.

You'd probably need to pass the individual CGI variables.

This isn't really an LDAP question, it's a PHP question...
you may get a more accurate answer on one of the PHP lists.

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